Urban Beat Dance




Urban Beat Dance was founded in 2005 by Shannon Murray. Growing up in Chicago and being a part of the Hip hop dance scene, Shannon was inspired to create a program for students that incorporated traditional dance techniques and street dance styles. Since both disciplines are of equal importance to Shannon, the UBD staff is professionally trained in many diverse areas of dance.


Because of her passion for dance and teaching, Shannon and UBD strive to offer a fun-friendly program where dancers have the opportunity to dance just-for-fun or grow as a seasoned professional.  This dual didactic makes UBD the perfect place for any dancer/student.

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Our Mission

Our staff is professionally trained and will offer your dancer a fun friendly environment to learn and grow.  We pride ourselves on a diverse staff to meet all our dancers' needs. Some of our teachers recent credits include; Black Eyed Peas Concert on Oprah, Carnival Choreographers Ball,  Prelude Midwest Championship to name a few.

Urban Beat Dance is dedicated to educating and training students in the art of dance. Through classes, performances, choreography, and workshops, students will learn different styles of dance, build friendships, and learn teamwork and empowerment in a positive environment.

UBD offers classes for all ages and levels in Hip Hop, Break Dance, Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Boys Hip Hop, Performance Company & Competition Team and Dance Camp/Intensives. UBD runs two sessions a year: Summer Session (June-August) and Program Session (Sept-May). Come join the fun!

Dance Classes in Skokie - Why choose UBD?


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